Who are Arron & Blue?

Behind this electronic duo are two strong musical characters. Arron (25) is a talented topliner who has shared his voice on several up and coming acts during the last years. He has also been a songwriter for many artists with big hits, but now he has stepped into the spotlight himself. Blue (37) started of as a drummer in the band Poor Rich Ones who released 4 albums (Grammy awarded)during their career. After spending hours in the studio recording as a session musician he started his own studio Tinnitus Recording in 2000. Since then he has been working as a producer for a huge amount of talents and well-regarded artists in Scandinavia.

Their music come from long studio sessions together, composing songs for other acts and them selves. Slowly the project Arron & Blue was born.

Arron & Blue released their first single ” Don’t Change Me” 18th of February 2013. The song is about being strong and not change as a person just because somebody else tells you to. The relationship between two people can often become one-sided and one person in the couple takes control. Usually this ends bad. Though the song shows the story from a mans perspective, the lyric is could easily be adopted to any woman who feels the same way. The song could also be about staying true to your own beliefs and not follow a special meaning because you feel “everybody” else is doing it.

The song immediately got picked up by TV, Radio and the music critics loved it.

Arron & Blue are currently in the studio preparing their first full length album.


Country: Norway
Hometown: Bergen
Record lable: The Tune Park Records
Webpage: www.thetunepark.com